Ready for every platform Mac, PC and Web.

Vollume control makes collaboration across platforms seamless. Whether you use a Mac, and your friends use a Windows PC, the experience is the same.

Vollume music app on Windows and Mac

Comments to help you converse with your team

Leave comments on songs, share playlists, manage collaborator permissions and share private links. Vollume control is the best way to collaborate on music projects.

Vollume Music App display

Drag and drop to and from every major DAW

Whether you work in Ableton Live, Logic Pro, FL Studio, Cubase, Pro Tools, Studio One, Bitwig Studio or any other D.A.W. you can import and export files to and from Vollume Control.

Software that can be used with Vollume

Web access
via your browser

No more sync cables, usb sticks, insecurely emailing songs, or losing files. Vollume Control automatically backs up and syncs your music to the cloud.

Web access via any internet browser

Offline playback whenever, wherever.

With offline playback, you have access to your music even when you’re away from the internet. All tracks are automatically downloaded, and you can select specific files and folders to be cloud-only.

Secure backup with AES encryption

Never worry about looking for that hard drive, which has that vocal, from that song you did, like... 10 years ago. Securely back up and archive all your songs, for quick and easy access.

Vollume app on a tablet

Don’t just take our word for it

A few glowing testimonials from our select team of invitees who have been graciously testing Vollume Control during our beta phase.




(Vollume) Control makes my job as an online based producer way easier! Sending work on progress and receiving feedback from my collaborators is a breeze.
George Goire

George Goire


As a mixing engineer, I find there are many tools involved in the process of collaborating with music producers and artists when working in on-going music productions.  Many files have to be transferred during this process using different file-sharing tools.  Often, these tools are not dedicated to music professionals.
Jasmine Kara

Jasmine Kara


Dopest app ever! This is a must have for every musician period. So glad I found out about this through my producer friend that Im working with all the way from over here in sweden. Use it all the time and wont stop , long live music rock on and have fun!🎶⭐️🤩 love
Imelda Gabs

Imelda Gabs


I’ve always thought that it would be so nice to have a good app especially designed for sharing and collaborating with other music producers and artists. Vollume is just that!
Nino Lucarelli

Nino Lucarelli


I really like this app dude. This is a great way to catalogue everything without manually searching through a file browser. Plus the ability to save high res files in the cloud is huge. I’m excited to dig into it more!
Marlon Gibbons

Marlon Gibbons


Vollume Control is the perfect compliment to any DAW. It’s interactive if you want it to be and incredibly feature packed. Use it for your own catalog music management or as a powerful collaboration / communication tool.

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Vollume Control transforms your music library manager into a modern cloud-connected tool, built for music professionals to share, collaborate and sync music files and more.